'The mentoring project was a great foot in the door to social work for me'


Mentoring project

Our mentoring project runs continuously, with mentors recruited to provide regular, one-to-one support sessions for mentees. Following a 10 week period of accredited training, mentors are supervised as they support another parent over six months. The aim of the project is to connect parents who have successfully opened up new opportunities in their lives, with those who are just starting out on a simiar journey.

We are currently looking for new mentors to join our team. If you are interested, please get in touch.

If you feel you would benefit from the support of a mentor please call and speak to a member of staff.

Our mentors

Our mentors have all gone through our Mentoring project training course and have direct experience of helping others understand the potential within themselves. Mentoring at The Parent House is uniquely concerned with both the practical steps that mentees need to take as well as the emotional ones.

Mentoring sessions

Mentoring sessions take place either on-site or outside in the local area, as they aim to take the mentee out of the routine of home life.

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